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Plastipack Machines (Pvt) Ltd. manufactures and supplies induction seals in all sizes with many printing and embossing options.

All our material is imported from European companies. We stock all our material in sufficient quantities to guarantee quality of material and timely supply. We always keep material for the following in our stock:

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Induction Sealer

Induction sealer: Plastipack Machines (Pvt) Ltd. represents Enercon industries and recommend Enercon induction sealers.

With our induction seals to achieve the best results. "Enercon is the world's leading manufacturer of induction sealing systems and associated support equipment.

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Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging: In order to support and promote customers who are new in the market or are venturing in to a new field

with induction seals. We also offer Enercon Induction sealers on Rent and used induction sealers as well.

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The advantages of sealing up a bottle

1. Anti-Counterfeit, Brand Protection and Tamper Evidence
Counterfeit products not only divert revenue from brand owners, but can also damage the brand reputation. Most products by themselves, without any packaging, are difficult to identify by consumers as the original brand. In reality, it is the packaging that is most effective in discouraging would-be counterfeiters. Selig recognizes the threat of not only counterfeiting, but also product/package tampering that exists for consumer packaged goods.

2. Leak Proof - Eliminates Costly and messy recalls due to product leakages.
If a product leaks in a consumer's car after purchase, the risk to your brand's reputation is great. Plasti-seals are engineered to create a hermetic, leak-proof seal. This leak-proof seal is all the more important when light-weighting containers and closures.

3. Increased Life
Oxygen ingress can be detrimental to your product's freshness and active ingredients, shortening the shelf life. With an essentially zero oxygen transmission rate, Plasti-seals forms an airtight barrier to lock in freshness of the product.

4. Enhances Confidence
When you are looking to instill consumer trust and confidence that your products are safe and packaging is secure. Consumers ranked safety as the most important factor when evaluating packages, and no other option made them feel safer than when packages used induction seals, basically the consumer is confident that they are getting a genuine product.

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High- quality Induction seal. We serve to...

We offer a diverse range of induction seals for LDPE/HDPE, PET containers and glass bottles that are highly valued by our clients. Our range is fabricated using premium material procured from reliable vendors and are offered at competitive prices.

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Oil & Lubricants

Induction Sealing for Lubricant Oil Bottle is a standard quality material board foil used in all type of Lubricant Bottle.


In Pharmaceutical industries we provide induction seal for Syrup bottle, Oral Liquid bottle, Dry powder vials, suspension bottle.

Food & Beverage,

Food, Dairy and Beverage products are seeking leak protection, extended shelf life and pilferage defense.


Many brands of the cosmetics industry are using induction heat seal for better consumer experience and brand image.


Induction seals for Pesticide and Agrochemicals to retained products performance and prevents liquid from leakaging during shipment.


Chemicals are a leading contender for induction sealing as they can provide hazardous conditions if leakage occurs in the transportation.

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