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Plasti seal / Surlyn

Plasti Seal Surlyn is designed to provide a peal seal on glass containers by heating through induction and pressure through caps tightening.

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Plasti seal / Thumbs up

Plasti seal Thumbs UP is designed to provide a weld seal by Induction Heat sealing to Polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE) containers.

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Plasti seal / Ultra PET

Plasti Seal Ultra PET is designed to provide a weld seal by Induction Heat sealing to PET containers.

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Plasti induction seal offers packagers a cost-effective sealing solution for applying a foil barrier or protective seal promoting tamper-evidence, leak prevention, pilferage protection and shelf-life extension of certain products.

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Safety is not only a priority, it is a core value. We support our members in accomplishing safety goals through many various programs, services, activities, and resources.

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We recognize our customers and to educating them so that they know; how to get the best results from the product that are easy to use.

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Our professional team engineers will analyse your current setup and processes, and recommend best induction seal solution for product according to your exact requirements & specifications.

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